2013 Conference Archive

The first “Community Jam” conference for Northern California harvesting/gleaning organizations was held June 8, 2013 in San Jose and organized by Village Harvest. Contact the organizers.


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Sessions and Notes

The 2013 conference had an Introduction Roundtable, 4 breakout session time slots with 3 or 4 topics each, and a Closing Session. Click on a topic link for the notes and flipcharts created.

Breakout 1

Raising Funds – How do we fund ourselves?

New Regulation of Donated Produce

Glean Web (+ software show and tell)

Breakout 2 

Common Back End Software /Process + Software Tools To Help Get Sleep (Common Software)

Making the Most of Volunteer Power

Seed Saving, Exchanging, and Planting

Breakout 3 

Edible City / Urban Food Forest: Reframing Our Work

Working with Food Banks and Food Agencies

Engagement/Organization – Learning how to best engage trees and volunteers, and Stay Organized

Breakout 4

Keeping Up with Growth / Scaling Volunteer Roles

More Than Gleaning – Best Practices – cooking

Sustainability – How can we address the problem that gleaning is not a sustainable solution to hunger?

Closing Session


This conference was generously supported by the following:

Adobe Foundation  Good People Fund

and the conference organizer Village Harvest  and anonymous donors.