Community-run orchards, gardens and urban agriculture

Break-out #2 : Orchards, gardens and urban agriculture (integrated with gleaning)

Notes from Sandy Frost.
Idea of food all around us.
Community engagement. Community spaces. Centralized.
Farm stand and event: Inviting people into the space.
Decreasing food waste. Diverting every last bit.

Creating a culture of gleaners. Incorporated into County Food Bank, and pantries, having their own gardens.
CalFresh can buy plant starts with the benefit. <Check> This can be an easy way to plant a neighborhood garden where individuals contribute for the greater good.
Santa Clara County, Garden to Table: AB551 in San Jose has been adopted to create urban agriculture zones for vacant properties. Mapped. Nonprofit partners. Selling and buying of locally grown and produced ordinance has been passed.

A Farm to Fork city. Looking at a broader, regional vision, to change existing laws.
Coalition of Urban Agriculture “program”
Urban Agriculture Land Trust template. Using Redevelopment properties. Partners with community engagement.
In Sacramento, neighborhood gardens are complex eco-system gardens. Not isolated in succession over time. Created to be sustaining. Gardens as bio-diverse habitats in neighborhoods.
Re-SOIL bike composting.
Mimicking biological communities. Repairing ecology of neighborhoods.
Gleaning becomes a gateway experience for behavioral change.