Glean Web (+ software show and tell)


Facilitator Dick Yates

(continued…other papers of notes not present though)

  • Using the software for smaller organizations scales as well for bigger picks
  • Food Forward uses similars software
    • they’re going to open source their data instead of one person overseeing whole process
    • Facilitates more autonomy, just acting as a resource and not as a service.
      • Building up volunteer portal
      • Building up farmers market portal
  • How to leverage website to give volunteers and homeowners ownership of the process
    • Village Harvest is more “ripe” in taking this approach – 40-50% of homes in the database are reached – suggested donation by the homeowners to turn around that perception
  • Food Forward Demo
  • How to leverage website to manage volun

cjam2013_flip_chart-12-600-Glean Web cjam2013_flip_chart-11-600-Glean Web cjam2013_flip_chart-9-600-Glean Web