Setting goals and measuring success

Notes from Sandy Frost

Who, what, where, for what ends
To assess existing resources and discover untapped resources.

In Tulare, they received cash donations for pickers and harvest bags. Materials donated from a hardware store were used to build a trailer. Donation of milk crates. Student based projects. Selling specialty preserves. Enterprises begun to gain revenue and for promotion. Donation of school buses that can be double-purposed for promotion with banners and signs, as well as functional transport of the students to harvest sites on farms.

Explore the opportunity for farm harvests near Hayward.

Gold Country Gleaners. Involves no money. All volunteers.
Harvesters are paid in fruit and vegetables and they pay for their own gas. They bring their own tools since it is a rural area. Most have trucks. They pick up banana boxes from the food bank and re-use them.
Food system couched in village repair